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Easily add brilliant widgets to your Engaging Networks landing pages, actions and donation pages. Make use of social proof, create a sense of urgency and get more people sharing.

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Big number counters

Big numbers can have a huge impact. Our counters update in real-time as people are looking at your page.

Imagine what this will do for your conversion rate.

Progress Bars & Counters

Show how close you are to reaching your goal. The progress bar updates in real time. You can pick an animation style and customise it as you wish.

Tip: add multiple goals and the counter will automatically switch to the next goal when you reach 90% of the current goal.

List of recent action takers

You can show potential supporters that others are taking action right now. By adding a cycle effect you can also create a sense of activity if it’s not rush hour.You can control whether to show countries or not and if supporter names should be anonymised.

Thermometers for donations

Our counters and widgets can show how much money has been raised for your cause as well as the number of actions taken. Check out our thermometer. It’s even currency aware so if you run the same appeal in multiple countries, we’ve got your back.

Coming soon!

Superb share buttons

Great share buttons will help you recruit more supporters and mobilise more people.

These share buttons are easy to add to your campaign, and you can track how many people have clicked them and how many new supporters each one has brought in.

You can choose how they look and which channels you want to use them for. You can even include a WhatsApp share button for mobile users. No kidding.

Coming soon!

Time Countdown

Want to highlight the urgency of your action?

By placing a countdown on your landing page supporters will see exactly how much time is left to win your campaign.